Business and Life balance… How do to both.

Melissa Heisler

Please join us on July 19, 2012 to learn how Melissa Heisler, Small Business Survival Guide and personal Enrichment Expert for It's My life, Inc. will teach us how she manages both.  Melissa loves to help competent individuals survive and thrive during difficult times, rediscover themselves, or launch their dream business. She uses a lifetime of personal coaching, 15 years in marketing, and a seven step success process to guide individuals to identify, map out, and achieve life fulfilling … [Read more...]

Do you stumble through your elevator message?


Do you ever stumble when someone asks you “Tell me about your business”? In most cases you may only have a few seconds to explain what your business is and why it should be important to the person who asked you that question.  I use 5 components to create an elevator message and this message should contain information from each of these components. There are 5 key components to an elevator message: Who are my target customers? Why do I target them? What do I offer them? What results … [Read more...]

Announcing Women Business Owner – War Stories


Announcing Women Business Owner - War Stories. A series of educational webcasts where women business owners are willing to share the good, the bad and the ugly business experiences. Join Darlene Ziebell of Center for Women Business Owners on November 29, 2011 (6 PM Pacific/ 9 PM Eastern) where guest speaker Maryl Wesolowski will share her "not so good experiences" purchasing a franchise. Marylwill share her business owner experiences , what she learned and how she would do it differently … [Read more...]

Challenge and Response – a new 3 part series to help with your business and your life

Preetha One World Academy

Challenge and Response. Our times and out lives challenge us ... to rise up and respond to them is a choice. We live in times of accelerated change and therefore of great opportunity and uncertainty. Individuals and organizations are faced with the possibility of unimagined progress or ruin. Hither to unexplored possibilities are opening up all around us, and the foremost need of the hour is an intelligence, a state of mind, with which we can surmount our challenges and avail the … [Read more...]

Meet Stacey Cox – Lifetime Success 4 u!


Please join Center for Women Business Owners in welcoming new member, Stacey Cox President of Lifetime Success 4 u. Stacey is  a survivor of both domestic violence and sexual assault.She has a backround as an addiction counselor.  My focus is helping others to move forward to a prosperous and happy life. She is a Certified Hypontherapist, Emotional Freedom Coach and Practitioner. Education and Motivational Speaker as well as host of Empowerment Radio, a radio show that is geared to empower … [Read more...]

The internet: A new venue for selling snake oil?


The internet:  A new venue for selling snake oil? Searching the web (of course, where else?) this is what I learned on wikipedia about the history of snake oil salesmen. The snake oil peddler became a stock character in Western movies: a travelling "doctor" with dubious credentials, selling some medicine (such as snake oil) with boisterous marketing hype, often supported by pseudo-scientific evidence, typically bogus. To increase sales, an accomplice in the crowd (a shill) would often … [Read more...]

Want to see the new Jimmy Choos?

Celebrating Woman Road Warrior Day

Woman Road Warrior Day Celebrates "Women Who Go the Extra Mile And the Shoes They Do It in" In Celebration of Woman Road Warrior Day, you are invited to the Where the Sole Meets the Road. Travel & Show Fashion Show, Networking Event & First Class Breakfast October 28, 2011 7:00 AM - 9:00 AM The Standard Club of Chicago 320 South Plymouth Court Chicago, IL 60604 Join us in honoring "Women Who Go the Extra Mile and the Shoes They Do it In".   For more information … [Read more...]

Do you make business decisions with your intuition? Why not?

Lisa Livingston

Please join Center for Women Business Owners to meet well known psychic, Lisa J. Livingston-Bridwell, RMT. A well known is a Psychic Medium, Animal Communicator, skilled dog rescuer, and experienced paranormal investigator and consultant and co-host of Spirit Reunions. She is also a gifted writer and dynamic speaker, who uses her extraordinary spiritual gifts to empower others to cherish their past and embrace their future at the intersection of their soul's authentic spiritual journey and … [Read more...]

Spirituality and Business – Shifting from Frictional energy to Creative energy

In our times of tremendous exposure to the Law of Attraction through such books as:  "The Secret"  and  "The Power" ... how does this phenomenon work in our small businesses?   On September 20, 2011 Center for Women Business Owners will be hosting a webcast with guest speaker Preetha.  Preetha is a wife, mother and co-owner of several businesses with her husband Krishna.  Co-founder of One World Academy, Preetha will be speaking about the synchronicity of abundance, love and spirituality in our … [Read more...]

Top Ten Secrets to making your business soar – Secret #2


Top Ten Secrets to Making your Business Soar – Secret 2. Last week I revealed Secret 1 to making your business soar of 10 fundamental principles that are typically missed when developing business plans and strategic planning initiatives.  This week I will reveal Secret 2. Continue to rate yourself in each of these fundamental principles.  On the tenth week, total your score to see if your business strategy is designed for success. Secret 2 - HOW DO YOU DEFINE A SUCCESSFUL ENTREPRENEUR? … [Read more...]

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