PR Secrets that work!

More and more, businesses are resorting to the power of PR to get their businesses noticed.  Public Relations is a great way to create awareness, but most importantly, credibility.  It is a “pull” marketing strategy where the prospects are identifying themselves and reaching out for more information based on a soft-sell, non-biased representation of your business.  When are featured on a newspaper, radio or TV, you might not necessarily think about selling your products, but the magic of … [Read more...]

Top 10 Secrets to making your business soar. Secret #1


Top Ten Secrets to Making your Business Soar – Secret 1. Recently, I wrote a white paper outlining the 10 most important secrets that are typically missed when developing business plans and strategic planning initiatives.  In this white paper, the reader can self assess their business strategy for success. Beginning today for the next nine weeks, I will outline the TEN most important topics to consider when planning for your business. Follow along each week and rate yourself in each of these TOP … [Read more...]

Women Business Owners . . . the business war stories


Recently many women business owners approach me asking about the realities of owning a business. Unfortunately I have to warn them its not as easy as you think.  Many serious women business owners spent a great deal of time and money in the hopes of starting a successful sustainable business.  Center for Women Business Owners, founded by Darlene Ziebell, will be hosting a series of blogs and webcasts sharing real life women business owner war stories.  The reason? We can all learn from each … [Read more...]

Do women owned businesses have higher failure rates?

Recently in the online Nawbo Smartbrief, an article indicated that women owned businesses now make up 30 percent of American businesses.  While searching for statistics on the success rate of women owned businesses, I stumbled on an article in the Journal of Small Business Management.  The article relayed there are a number os potential systematic differences between male and female business owners that might explain why female owned businesses appear to underperform male-owned businesses.  Of … [Read more...]

Women Business Owner Summit – July 22, 2011

CFWBO Summit Website-Banner_Summit

Center for Women Business Owners is hosting Women Business Owner Summit.  July 22, 2011 This summit is an educational event that delivers tools and knowledge women business owners can immediately apply to their businesses. Participation is this program will enable growth-mined women business owners to gain an in-depth assessment of their business and suggestions for long term success.   Click here for more information. Remember, this event has limited space.  Check out our special offerings, … [Read more...]

Travel Safety Tips for Women Business Travelers

Kathy Ameche

SAVE THE DATE!  May 19, 2011   6 PM PDT / 9 PM EDT  Kathy Ameche Traveler-in-chief of will present safety tips for women travelers.  98% of the women surveyed by Woman Road Warrior have their safety threatened while on the road. It doesn't matter how much you've traveled you could be at risk - don't become a statistic. Kathy Ameche had over 200 nights on the road each year for over 20 years and dealt with such things as sleepless nights in loud hotel rooms and dead … [Read more...]

How to get quoted by a reporter…

Christina Chapman

Many women business owners do have the budget to hire a publish relations firm to enhance their marketing efforts. So how do you get quoted by the press? Many women business owners attend events that are covered by the press. What what are the odds of getting a mention in the right journal to help promote you and your business? Join us on the Center for Women Business Owners April 13, 2011 webcast to hear what Christina Chapman recommends how you can get the attention of a reporter.   … [Read more...]

Spirituality and Business


In our times of tremendous exposure to the Law of Attraction through such books as:  "The Secret"  and  "The Power" ... how does this phenomenon work in our small businesses?   On April 12, 2011 Center for Women Business Owners will be hosting a BlogTalkRadio show with guest speaker Preetha.  Preetha is a wife, mother and co-owner of several businesses with her husband Krishna.  Co-founder of One World Academy, Preetha will be speaking about the synchronicity of abundance, love and spirituality … [Read more...]

Marketing doesn’t work!

Darlene Ziebell

Many of my Elite3 private clients make this statement to me almost word for word: "Marketing doesn't work!" And I agree with them under certain conditions.  Unfortunately most of the women business owners I coach privately, have this condition.  I call it, lack of customer value. In my opinion customer value is the most important measure in any business plan.  Yet, just about every small business I work with, ignores this metric.   If you are not sure what the value is to your customer for your … [Read more...]

How to interview a chamber of commerce before you join

Sally Rutledge-Ott

Networking is one of the most time consuming marketing activities for any woman business owner. The key... is to network at the right associations to get the most return on your personal investment of "time".  A Chamber of Commerce may be a great place for you to consider networking.  But before you consider joining a Chamber of Commerce, please listen in on this training forum. Ms Sally Rutledge-Ott, President and CEO of Shorewood Area Chamber of Commerce agreed to be our guest speaker to … [Read more...]

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