Meet Stacey Cox – Lifetime Success 4 u!


Please join Center for Women Business Owners in welcoming new member, Stacey Cox President of Lifetime Success 4 u. Stacey is  a survivor of both domestic violence and sexual assault.She has a backround as an addiction counselor.  My focus is helping others to move forward to a prosperous and happy life. She is a Certified Hypontherapist, Emotional Freedom Coach and Practitioner. Education and Motivational Speaker as well as host of Empowerment Radio, a radio show that is geared to empower … [Read more...]

Meet new woman business owner – Lynn Nicolai

Lynn Nicolai

Meet Lynn Nicolai.. a new woman business owner. What does Lynn think about Center for Women Business Owners? "If you are thinking about starting a business, self employed or running a business and need some direction, don’t wait too long to call Darlene. Sign up for her newsletters, read them, save them and read them again. There are so many out there that say they can help you but have they been in your situation before and have they had to do what you are doing? Darlene speaks from … [Read more...]

Meet Kathy Ameche – Traveler in Chief of Woman Road Warrior

Kathy Ameche

Meet Kathy Ameche, Traveler in Chief and founder of Women Road Warrior. An online place where women business   travelers learn about safety, convenience, ease and how to reduce stress while stuck on the road.  Kathy is a new Elite3 member of  Center for Women Business Owners.  Check out Kathy's special offers and how she can help you at Please make your travel life easier; you deserve it. "If only I had met Darlene earlier, I wouldn’t have wasted more … [Read more...]

Meet Anne Gardner, President of iOffice Services

Anne Gardner President of iOffice Serives, Inc.

Meet Anne Gardner, President of  iOffice Services and learn how Anne is reinventing herself.  You can reach her at Please give a little background on you, how long you have been in business: I am president of iOffice Services, Inc., based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. I am an enrolled tribal member of the Mohican Nation, Stockbridge-Munsee Band. I have a Bachelor of Arts degree in Professional Communication from Alverno College, and have … [Read more...]

Meet Janice Sangha Mitra

Janice Sangha Mitra

Meet Janice Sangha Mitra.  Janice is starting a new business; learn what advice she has to offer you based on her recent start-up experiences.  1) Please give me a little background on you and your new business.  My name is Janice Sangha Mitra and I am currently based on the east coast of Australia. Most of my working life has been involved in graphics and production for various magazine publishers. I do not have a university background instead I left school at 17 and fell into a series … [Read more...]

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