Meet new woman business owner – Lynn Nicolai

Lynn Nicolai Meet Lynn Nicolai.. a new woman business owner.

What does Lynn think about Center for Women Business Owners?

“If you are thinking about starting a business, self employed or running a business and need some direction, don’t wait too long to call Darlene. Sign up for her newsletters, read them, save them and read them again. There are so many out there that say they can help you but have they been in your situation before and have they had to do what you are doing? Darlene speaks from experience not just opinion. It’s a No Fluff-This is how it is and what you have to do. When I met Darlene I knew instantly that she wasn’t going to blow smoke in my face and say it will be allright. Being a Determined Woman, I can appreciate that.”   Lynn Nicolai

Who is Lynn?

Lynn is a Benefits Specialist helping small business owners with:

  1. 1. Saving you $$$
  2. 2. Helping you  Retain and Attract Key Employees with a Benefits Plan
  3. 3. Administer your Plan at $0 No Direct Cost
  4. 4. Handle all Enrollment and Claims
  5. 5. Be Your HR(Benefits) Employee for FREE $0

Call Lynn  or contact Today-You have Nothing to Lose

Lynn Nicolai cell# 331-575-8758

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