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Christina ChapmanMany women business owners do have the budget to hire a publish relations firm to enhance their marketing efforts. So how do you get quoted by the press? Many women business owners attend events that are covered by the press. What what are the odds of getting a mention in the right journal to help promote you and your business?

Join us on the Center for Women Business Owners April 13, 2011 webcast to hear what Christina Chapman recommends how you can get the attention of a reporter.   Christina Chapman is a staff writer at the Morris Daily Herald and formerly for the Sun Times Group. Chapman has covered everything from news-breaking murders to business profiles featuring entrepreneurs.   Christina is an award-winnng journalist with a first-place award from the Illinois Press Association and a second-place award from the Associated Press.

I met Christina at the Women with Power symposium last February.  Christina was covering the event for her newspaper. I noticed she selected a few women business owners to profile in the paper.  I asked her “Why did you select these specific women business owners?”…. her answer was not simple.  However, it did include making a choice based on the information these specific women business owners provided to Christina throughout the event.

That gave me the idea to invite Christina to share her secrets as a reporter… to help women business owners know what to say, when to say it, how to say it, when they have an opportunity to meet the press.

Please join us on April 13, 2011 for this live interactive webcast.  This is a Center for Women Business Owners members-only training forum. If you are an active Center for Women Business Owners member, please click here for information on how to participate in this program, including  how to submit your questions in advance of the call for consideration and  how to dial in to have the opportunity to discuss your networking questions live with Sally.

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Written by Darlene Ziebell Center for Women Business Owners

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