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In our times of tremendous exposure to the Law of Attraction through such books as:  “The Secret”  and  “The Power” … how does this phenomenon work in our small businesses?   On April 12, 2011 Center for Women Business Owners will be hosting a BlogTalkRadio show with guest speaker Preetha.  Preetha is a wife, mother and co-owner of several businesses with her husband Krishna.  Co-founder of One World Academy, Preetha will be speaking about the synchronicity of abundance, love and spirituality in our everyday lives.

Spearheading a fast growing enterprise, having established a 1000 acre spiritual city, running a charitable foundation, initiating green projects, mentoring an academy for conscious living, wise beyond years and a much loved friend, father and husband – Krishna, at 33 carries himself with ease and an unassuming presence.  All of this is complimented by the loving presence of his wife, Preetha – whose intelligence and inspiration have been pivotal to every milestone in Krishna’s sojourn.

Together they manage businesses, organizations and family life with healthy balance, clarity and enthusiasm.  Preetha, who has a masters in philosophy and a masters in business administration, guides the financial operations of the various organizations across the board and also home schools their seven-year old daughter, Lokaa in their home city of Chennai, India. Preetha and Krishna have also founded the OWA foundation, a non-profit organization that seeks to unearth latent potential in the young and to better the way youth think and act and the way they learn and lead.

So what makes this possible for them? According to them, living a life of awareness has brought about a conflict-free state of being that helps them consistently function from a place of clarity and intelligence.  Their actions arising from such a place bring about a beautiful synergy of focus and compassion, achievement and contribution, zest and wisdom, thus endearing them to all.

The wealth of their life experience coupled with their deep insights nurtured in awareness have today evolved into the principles, processes and practices of One World Academy, that seeks to foster a new generation of individuals passionate to make a difference to themselves as well as humanity. Their integrity and drive to grow and contribute inspires the Faculty to pursue the path of truth and service to humanity.

Speak to Preetha directly on April 12, 2011 BlogTalk Radio with Darlene Ziebell and Center for Women Business Owners, to learn how to apply the principles that Preetha uses to make her business, personal and family life perfect.

Please mark your calendar!  April 12, 2011  8 PM PDT / 11PM EDT. Click here for link to participate via the web, or call in by dialing  805-285-9810.  Click here for more information on One World Academy to obtain their newsletters and latest offerings. You can also visit their North American Blog site for upcoming event details at http://owanorthamerica.com.

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