Meet Stacey Cox – Lifetime Success 4 u!

Please join Center for Women Business Owners in welcoming new member, Stacey Cox President of Lifetime Success 4 u.

Stacey is  a survivor of both domestic violence and sexual assault.She has a backround as an addiction counselor.  My focus is helping others to move forward to a prosperous and happy life.

She is a Certified Hypontherapist, Emotional Freedom Coach and Practitioner. Education and Motivational Speaker as well as host of Empowerment Radio, a radio show that is geared to empower and educate Women on the possibilities of their future of abundance, happiness and a truly fullfilled life.

Learn a way to achieve your goals that is effective fast and easy to understand. NLP can make your “maybe” into a reality.  This method can be beneficial in your financial, relationship, career and personal growth. This method can be used in every area of your life. Registration fee is $20.00. Register by contacting me at 773-517-2846, This workshop is available at your organization site. To learn more about Stacey please visit her website at Lifetimesuccess4u.

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