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Darlene Ziebell

Darlene Ziebell President Center for Women Business Owners

Only 3% of all the Women Owned businesses in the US reach beyond 7+ Figures in sales. More importantly, just a little more than 11% of all US women-owned businesses reach above $100,000 per year in sales. Yet, women owned businesses are the fastest growing group of small businesses in the US.   Are you tired of being stuck in the middle? Want to reach 6+ figures and reach your dreams of business success?

The Center for Women Business Owners system can help you learn from those who did it before you.  The Center for Women Business Owners brings together those who can teach you and mentor you in Business Education, Proper Motivation, and How to Connect with the right networking to turn your business around and reach success.  90% of the women who attend our programs quickly come away with a personalized plan to improve their business operations. Click on the MEMBER BENEFITS tab above and join a global group of business owners and advisors to provide you with a network of business information and resources. Collaborate with other members, your peers, from around the world. Become a visionary with other women visionaries in business!



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