Meet Wendy White Eagle

Wendy White EagleMeet your mentor, Wendy K. White Eagle, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Native Capital Investment, Inc.   As member of the Ho-Chunk Nation, she has first-hand knowledge of Tribal operations from strategic planning to business development. With more than 20 years of business building experience in the utility, financial, and manufacturing sectors specialization is in helping Companies build high performing processes to actualize business objectives.

 Please give me a little background on you/ and your business?    Started the thought process beginning when I saw two transactions in which folks were not asking good questions.  One transaction – $5MM, and the second – $125MM, shared the same challenge.  Folks were really getting the short end of the stick because they were not aware of what to look for and what the value of their position really was. 

 Can you share any plans about the growth of your business? Yes.  Focus now remains in the place it has been for some time.  Namely, to build local communities and create knowledge based jobs that keep local resources local. 

 What are some of the business start-up challenges you are facing/ have faced?  Maintaining appropriate levels of operating capital is part of the usual balance we walk and also being “new” to the industry and bringing alternative ways of looking at finance in general. 

 How are you approaching a solution for these challenges? Two ways – building retained earnings to balance the burn rate in our world and bringing on staff to handle the influx of business opportunity. 

 What recommendations do you have for other women just starting in business?  Build teams – both internally and through your networks – and remember that no one controls your earning power but you.  Share your ideas with the world.  It is now more important than ever!


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