How to interview a chamber of commerce before you join

Sally Rutledge-Ott

Networking is one of the most time consuming marketing activities for any woman business owner. The key... is to network at the right associations to get the most return on your personal investment of "time".  A Chamber of Commerce may be a great place for you to consider networking.  But before you consider joining a Chamber of Commerce, please listen in on this training forum. Ms Sally Rutledge-Ott, President and CEO of Shorewood Area Chamber of Commerce agreed to be our guest speaker to … [Read more...]

Excuse me, your business is now!

Doreen Banaszak

Back by popular demand.  Ms. Doreen Banaszak, famous motivational speaker and author of several books, including "Excuse me, your life is now." On March 10, 2011  6 PM Pacific and 9 PM Eastern, Doreen will present her "Excuse me, your business is now" program to Center for Women Business Owners members. This is a members-only call.  If you are an active member in Center for Women Business Owners, click here for call information or log into your member pages to access the link for the live … [Read more...]

Women with Power Symposium

Sally Rutledge-Ott

Sally Rutledge-Ott hosted an action pack day for women with power.  Her symposium featured great speakers, realistic advice and direction for women in leadership. Check out the details here. Posted by: Darlene Ziebell President Center for Women Business Owners … [Read more...]

Can “overmotivation” be holding your business back?

Darlene Ziebell

Can you be too "overmotivated" ? Is that preventing your business from being a success?   I am a very big believer in positive thinking.  And I enjoy really thinking big.  I read all the books, planned my success, and envision it daily.  But what really helps a small business owner reach their goals?   I discovered I need both:  motivation and training to be a successful business owner.  I constantly strive for more knowledge and guidance.  I believe both motivation and education helps … [Read more...]

How women business owners use FACEBOOK to generate leads

Dean DeLisle

On March 3, 2011  Dean DeLisle will present at Center for Women Business Owners on "How women business owners  use Facebook to generate leads." This presentation is held via webcast or phone.  Your choice.  This presentation is held at 6PM Pacific/9PM Eastern. Dean DeLisle is president of  Forward Progress and a social media expert.  You will not want to miss this presentation. Dean is a sought after guest speaker at Center for Women Business Owners. In his last presentation, Dean taught us … [Read more...]

Why don’t they understand?

Rick Lochner

"Why don't they understand?" A new members only call featuring guest speaker and small business leadership expert and President of RPC Leadership, Rick Lochner. On February 22, 2011  Rick Lochner presented:   "Why don't they understand? Every generation in the workplace (4 - count 'em) is saying some version of this about at least one other generation they work with.  The truth is, they are all correct.  Learn how the generations are the same and, more importantly, how they are different, … [Read more...]

Meet new woman business owner – Lynn Nicolai

Lynn Nicolai

Meet Lynn Nicolai.. a new woman business owner. What does Lynn think about Center for Women Business Owners? "If you are thinking about starting a business, self employed or running a business and need some direction, don’t wait too long to call Darlene. Sign up for her newsletters, read them, save them and read them again. There are so many out there that say they can help you but have they been in your situation before and have they had to do what you are doing? Darlene speaks from … [Read more...]

Meet Kathy Ameche – Traveler in Chief of Woman Road Warrior

Kathy Ameche

Meet Kathy Ameche, Traveler in Chief and founder of Women Road Warrior. An online place where women business   travelers learn about safety, convenience, ease and how to reduce stress while stuck on the road.  Kathy is a new Elite3 member of  Center for Women Business Owners.  Check out Kathy's special offers and how she can help you at Please make your travel life easier; you deserve it. "If only I had met Darlene earlier, I wouldn’t have wasted more … [Read more...]

If you could ask me your most pressing business question..

Darlene Ziebell

So many women business owners come to me and say "I wish I met your first!". If you could ask me your most pressing business question, what would it be?   I've been an entrepreneur for over 30 years and a business management consultant working with a great many of Fortune 100 companies. Together, this experience brings you the best of both worlds. I launched this new program to help you get the advice, find the land mines and get on the Road to Business success. Ask me your business … [Read more...]

Selling vs Creating a Brand. What’s the difference?


Selling a Brand vs Creating a Brand...what’s the difference? Over the past months several women business owners approached me asking if they could contract with me for private coaching.  After we spent some time discussing my approach they said: ”I wish I met you first”. I learned through these discussions that before coming to me, one of their many disappointments came from investing money in implementing a marketing strategy.  Either under their own direction or under … [Read more...]

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